4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Car Rental in Singapore

Getting the right car rental in Singapore is not as simple as heading to the first store and paying the fees. There are other factors that are crucial in determining if a vehicle is worth every coin. With that said, here are four tips you need to know to help you choose a rent a car service.

Determine Your Goals

The first step in getting a long term car rental is to establish its purpose. What are your reasons for getting a car rental? Are you getting one for a company trip? Is it for your family? Your answers to these questions will affect every subsequent factor you’ll consider. Therefore, take your time in determining what you want to get out of your car rental before doing anything.

Assess Your Options

After setting your goals, it is time to check your options. Remember that there are plenty of rent a car options available in Singapore. While it can be tempting to skip the research and go for the first decent deal you find, you are most likely missing out on companies that offer better services. Aside from finding the right establishment, you need to consider the type of vehicle, size, and mileage to find the right car rental.

Choose Between Auto or Manual Transmission

Generally speaking, most long term car rental services in Singapore offer vehicles with manual or automatic transmission. If you prefer automatic, keep in mind that these are usually more expensive. Therefore, consider your driving skills. If you can work with a manual transmission, consider choosing it as they are cheaper.

Inspect the Vehicle

Before agreeing to the terms and conditions of your dealer, ensure that you thoroughly inspect the vehicle for signs of damage. Additionally, see if the mileage counter is on zero before driving it to avoid unnecessary fees.

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Danny White