Liquid Transportation: A Complete Guide to Liquid Transport Tank Trailers Equipment

 Liquid Transportation: A Complete Guide to Liquid Transport Tank Trailers Equipment

Bulk liquid, or liquid bulk cargo, is a liquid that is transported in large volumes in trailer trucks, cargo planes, or ships. How successfully bulk liquids can be transported depends on the type of equipment used. It is essential for liquid bulk transport to have the necessary equipment for loading and unloading liquid bulk cargo safely and keeping it pure during transit. This article gives a good grasp on what pieces of equipment a bulk liquid transport should have to load or unload the bulk liquid freight. 

1. Tank trailers

Tank trailers can be classified into two major categories depending on the content they transport or their structures. 

Following are the types of tank trailers based on their bulk liquid content:

  • Petroleum tankers
  • Petrochemical tankers
  • Corrosive tankers
  • Food grade tankers
  • Hot product tankers

Here are the types of liquid bulk transport tank trailers based on their structure:

  • General-purpose tank trailers
  • General-purpose tankers with heat coils
  • Vacuum tankers
  • ISO tanks
  • Rubber lined tankers
  • Aluminum tank trailers
  • Pneumatic tanker

2. Chassis

Drop frame tank chassis are long decks on which tankers sit. Usually, these pieces of equipment are low to the ground and have a low center of gravity. Therefore, the chassis provides better stability for the tankers sitting on it, minimizing the risk of liquid content shifting or toppling during tight turns. 

3. Hose

The main function of the house of the trailer tanks is to run fluid in and out of the liquid bulk transport. One end is connected to the trailer, and the other end is connected to the loading or unloading truck. 

4. Heating coils

Heating coils are hollow tubes that run on the side and underbelly of the heat trailers. These coils are used to heat the liquid freight by running hot liquids through them. 

5. Loading and unloading equipment

Many accessories are used to make up the loading and unloading equipment of the tank trailers. These accessories are:

  • Butterfly valves: These are quarter-turn valves that are used to regulate the liquid flow by stopping or slowing the flow. 
  • Sight glass: It is a level sensor that is used by the operator to observe the level of the bulk liquid in the tanker. 
  • Delivery elbows: By using delivery elbows the operator can unload liquid from a tanker into underground storage tankers. 

6. Pumps

Pumps in the tank trailers are used to suction bulk liquid products out of them. An operator can use pumps for all kinds of liquids except corrosive liquids, which can corrode the metal pumps. 

7. Compressor

Air compressors are installed in the trailer tanks to blow liquid products out of tankers through a connected hose. 


The transportation of bulk liquids could be a hassle if the tank trailers are not equipped with the right equipment. Using the wrong equipment could be life-threatening and also lead to a loss in revenues, especially when carrying flammable or corrosive liquids. Apart from these pieces of equipment, one should also know the temperature requirement of every bulk liquid for safe transportation. Knowing the volume, weight, and temperature requirements can help an auto manufacturer to manufacture the right type of bulk liquid transport.

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