Five Features to Look for in an Armored Vehicle when Transporting Precious Cargo

 Five Features to Look for in an Armored Vehicle when Transporting Precious Cargo

If you have precious cargo and you want to protect it against a criminal attack, you need to think like a criminal and look for ways to deal with all potential loopholes. In order to beat criminals at this game, you need to stay a step ahead at all times. Below are essential features to look for when you shop for armored vehicles for sale when transporting precious freight:

Armored Bulk-Head

The armored bulk-head is the partitioned area behind the driver and the passenger. It is meant to secure the cargo in transit. The component is made to fit snugly into the vehicle’s body and is usually made of impenetrable steel. Armored bulk-head secures the vehicle’s occupants against injury from cargo movement, particularly during an accident. Also, it is used for deterring criminals from accessing its contents. Armored vehicles have bullet-resistant bulk-head that is steel-panelled to ballistic level requirement.

Inbuilt Drop Safe

Such a feature minimises the need to handle cash especially for cash-in-transit drivers and others. This system allows users to deposit money; however, not necessarily access. It offers the option to communicate all deposits made to a designated recipient. This makes it possible to keep track of the monies received and notifies the relevant party when a breach takes place. An inbuilt drop safe has been proven helpful against inside jobs by dishonest employees.

Electric Door Locks

Armored vehicles are also fitted with electric door lock systems and a back-up system on the entrances. This way, if one entrance fails, security remains uncompromised.

Tracking and Geo-fencing

Some rogue cargo companies make a deceptive cargo pickup only to vanish from the radar when they make a return. This has paved the way for the development of tracking and geo-fencing as a security method that includes installing GPS devices on the vehicle and marking certain boundaries. This ensures that if one strays beyond this zone, an alarm will sound or the armored vehicle will remotely immobilised.

Vehicle Immobilisers

A vehicle immobiliser uses codes for blocking or unblocking vehicle operating systems. It is often used alongside GPS systems. Any device with access to the internet can be used to manage this feature. With this system, an application should be installed on a device using the interface that can run it from anywhere. Armored vehicles that have these systems are often fitted with stickers to discourage thieves from taking the vehicle in the first place.

Aaron Healy