How Ford Fuses Modernity and Tradition in the 2020 Edition of Mustang Series        

 How Ford Fuses Modernity and Tradition in the 2020 Edition of Mustang Series        

Mustang has been the flagship model of Ford since 1960. But if you take a closer look at the 2020 edition of Ford Mustang, you can see a perfect fusion of its iconic 1960s traits with the modern aesthetic curves of a sports car.

The Paris Ford dealer revealed that the current edition of the Ford Mustang has also implemented the formula of its 2005 model that has brought the series a huge success. It is presenting the retro classic look in a modern shape. The look of the Mustang series has evolved since the 1960s, but that retro vibe has now taken a fancy in the modern automotive sculpting. So Ford clearly shifts the earliericonic exterior of Mustang to a sleek structure with all the modern components installed within.

The 2020 Ford Mustang available in both coupe and convertible body styles also sets up the trend that you can bargain a sports car to an affordable price.

Inspiring Exterior Style

Is there anybody who do not miss the exclusive retro styling of the golden era cars? Well, knowing that full well, Ford stuck to that pride while sketching the current frame of its Mustang series models for the 2020 year lineup.

The automaker has openly taken the inspiration of designing the current Mustang exterior from the late 1960s models. The roofline in combination with the rear side windows look almost undistinguishable from that of its ancestral models. However, Ford decided to make some changes to the front fascia which does not stand up as upright as they used to be in those days. The nose too seems to tiltback a little while the signature grille chooses to stoop more than its predecessors. Overall the front fascia looks more flared up even though it lies a bit lower than before. That is a straightforward attempt to make the car look wider than it really is. The elongated body shape compensates with sleekness endorsed with pair of horizontal headlights and some character lines running over the hood. They are again seen to draw a border on each door. The fender line at the front flows into the front wheels.

It gets echoed at the rear end but with a slight bulge topping the fender, where C shaped taillights again reminds you of the 1968 Mustang models that used to have sequential taillights. The beat thing in the 2020 Ford Mustang design is that the entire lineup shows you different styling pattens for each of the trim levels.

The Bullitt trim makes more use of chrome than others. Like you find it surrounding the windowswhile the grille in this trim models are all blacked out, while the performance models are equipped with more front-end cooling vents, for obvious reasons.

Inside Layout and Appearance

The inside look reflects the same design philosophy. It borrows the same retro style and plants an instrument cluster in a clever way to maintain that old-school look. Comfort for eyes and touches are brought with well-cushioned seats with contrasting stitches while the dash looks dashing with its carbon fiber surface and a smart looking steering wheel. To gain a first-hand experience on the 2020 Ford Mustang, get in touch with any showroom of a reputed Ford dealer Paris.

Clare Louise