How To Choose Paint Protection Film?

 How To Choose Paint Protection Film?

Choosing the right paint protection film for your vehicle is an important decision. Picking between a clear bra and window tint can be tricky. A clear bra offers more protection, but window tinting will help with visibility inside the car. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which type of paint film is best for you:

1. Quality of product

There are several providers that sell PPF. Some use high-end products from respected brands such as 3M, XPEL, and Suntek. Ensure the company you choose for Paint Protection Film in Atlanta to do business with has a solid reputation before purchasing any products or services.

2. Warranty

When doing business with an automotive protection film supplier, ensure they have a warranty that makes sense. A lot of companies offer lifetime warranties, but the fine print may limit coverage to chips and small defects, not substrates (surface).

3. Colors

Most PPF films are available in either matte or gloss finish. Other specialty finishes such as metallic or carbon fiber can fetch a premium price depending upon availability from the manufacturer.

4. Size of vehicle

For a mobile service that applies PPF, it is important that they have the proper equipment or tools needed to complete a job successfully. Larger vehicles will have larger pieces of film, and therefore more time is required to install them properly. A mobile service needs to be aware that their equipment can accommodate the size vehicle in question.

5. Installation methods

There are several methods for installing PPF films. Still, the most common is a wet application which involves spraying water on the surface to be protected and then squeegees off the excess liquid that can damage paint if not done properly. Another method is a dry installation (no water) but oftentimes results in bubbles in the film.

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6. Price(s)

PPF is not cheap, but it will protect your vehicle against rocks, bugs, and other road debris, which will ultimately save you money in the long run. Prices vary depending upon the size of the vehicle, quality of product, colors available, and if one or more technicians are involved in the installation process.

We hope you found this article helpful in deciding what type of paint protection film is best for your vehicle.

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