Maximising Your Truck Rental In Singapore: 5 Things You Should Never Do

Most people visualise driving a car in many scenarios. Having your moment to appreciate the city lights while traversing roads and enjoying your favourite music is one of them. Some people, especially the younger crowds, call it a ‘main character moment’ because they feel like a protagonist in a film. It is not that deep, but it means something.

Another example is when your family is driving to the beach or any other recreational place to spend the weekend. Here, it is not just about the destination, but the journey itself because the family talks to each other or have fun choosing a restaurant to visit after a tiring day.

However, some overlook the idea of driving as a responsibility, or when a business owner signs a truck rental contract in Singapore because they need a temporary vehicle to deliver their goods and conduct some of their operations.

Responsibility. That is our topic in this article because some clients or customers of rental companies often forget this seemingly trivial task. Imagine leasing a car and not cleaning it after using it for your delivery service or driving home at night without proper rest, which gives rise to the possibility of getting into a severe accident on the road. Taking care of your van rental because you wish to provide a smooth ride to your passengers or maintaining the truck to deliver your goods is the goal.

Let us explore the things you should never do when doing a truck or commercial vehicle rental plan in Singapore:


Rental companies have different systems and methods for toll fees and other expenses on the road. Some provide convenient cards and other ways of accessibility, while others only offer the bare minimum. If you are hiring a van rental in Singapore or using a commercial vehicle to transport goods, learn these before anything else. Why? Getting into issues with toll gates or not knowing how to pay for your gas expenses is a hassle. Not to mention but these things can be very time-consuming and harmful for the business. You can ask the customer representative or the employee handling your contract before signing or reach them through one of their communication lines. There are many ways to do this, and you have no excuses!


Some are lenient about who can drive the pickup truck in Singapore because the rental contract does not indicate anything regarding that topic. Others minimise trouble by specifying who can drive the vehicle because they ensure quality and safety. With this, always avoid asking someone else to drive the car when the contract does not permit doing this. You should also avoid lying to the company because it will only give consequences. Instead, be transparent about who will drive the truck or commercial vehicle. Is it the person who rented it? Or a set of employees with the relevant licence to traverse roads with large vehicles? Tell these things to the rental company.


Enjoying a drink or two that does not affect your body and other functions is fine, given you have responsibility running through your veins. You can also feel tired during the day because work can affect your physical and mental health. While these things are usual for most people, never drive your van or truck rental in Singapore when feeling incapable because it will only lead to accidents and other issues outside. If you cannot avoid them, always have a strategic plan, such as being with a trusted partner who can help you or having a schedule that leaves room for errors and other emergencies. In short, do not drive when you are in doubt!


Have you ever seen someone check a vehicle before and after driving? Whether you own the car or rent one for your business, doing a short inspection of the exterior and interior should be a habit. Look at the wheels, side mirrors, and other details before opening the door because that is how you know whether there are bumps and other forms of damage. You should also look at the components of the steering wheel, function buttons, and the amount of gas you have before driving away from the parking spot. That is how you become a responsible truck rental client in Singapore. (Tip: If multiple drivers use the vehicle, put signage for basic instructions to help them remember things.)


Most clients are free to do whatever they want with the van and truck rental as long as they return the vehicle in good condition and abide by all the terms & conditions set by the company. They can also choose where to drive the automobile, given they follow all road laws and other safety mandates from the government.

However, operating them outside your business can impact your leasing plan. First, people might abuse the vehicle condition and use them for personal reasons, such as going on unauthorised trips or traversing roads outside the usual route. The second is when more and more people are operating the vehicle. It becomes harder to keep track of the activity, and when something happens, you are left wondering who and what caused the accident.

Being responsible is the goal when hiring a pickup truck rental service in Singapore for your business (or for providing a few trucks for your employees and their delivery operations, for example). You need to take note of some things and avoid making mistakes that impact the vehicle, figuratively and literally. With this, trust a rental company you can trust to make your life easier.

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