Top 3 Agricultural Tractors in India

 Top 3 Agricultural Tractors in India

A large population in India still depends on agriculture for their survival. However, the contribution of this sector has slowly been declining over the years.

Farmers work very hard for months to plow the fields and sow the crops. If the weather, unfortunately, does not support their efforts, all this work is wasted, which can be very disheartening.

Technological development has resulted in the availability of advanced farming equipment like tractors that significantly reduce farmers’ efforts.

In the 18th Century, these were used only for traction. Real types of tractors were first introduced at the start of the 19th Century. A tractor is an agriculture equipment that is capable of pulling or pushing implements around the fields.

Tractors are available in several types based on their construction, drive, and purpose of use. However, the important question is whether an average Indian farmer can afford such equipment? The easy availability of a tractor loan is helping more farmers to buy such equipment and improve their efficiency.

Several kinds of tractors are available, and choosing the best one may be confusing. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top three agricultural tractors available in India:

  1. Swaraj Tractors

Punjab Tractors Limited was founded in 1972 in Punjab. It was the first indigenous tractor manufacturer in India and provided this equipment under the brand name ‘Swaraj’. Later in 2007, Mahindra and Mahindra took over the company and modified the name to Swaraj Division. This division manufactures tractors with horsepower ranging from 15HP to 60HP.

Swaraj Tractors offer efficient fuel consumption, lifting capacity, and durability. Additionally, these are available at suitable prices; you can buy mini tractors at a cost between INR 2.60 lakh to INR 4.35 lakh, while completely organized models come in the price range from INR 4.90 lakh to INR 9.80 lakh. You can check your tractor loan eligibility and apply for funding to buy any product as per your budget.

  1. John Deere Tractors

The holding company Deere & Company was founded by John Deere in 1837 in the United States of America (USA). It is among the oldest agricultural equipment manufacturers in the world. Its Indian subsidiary is located in Pune, and the best-selling models range from 35HP to 75HP.

John Deere Tractors are popular due to their economic value, superior performance, low maintenance, and robustness. The company offers more than 35 tractor models with the lowest product priced at INR 4.70 lakh and the highest model available at INR 29.20 lakh. They also have great used tractors for sale for someone who does not want to invest in a brand new equipment

  1. Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra Tractors is one of the most prominent tractor brands in the country. It is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of agricultural and farming equipment. The journey commenced in 1963 when Mahindra & Mahindra entered into a joint venture with International Harvester to domestically manufacture tractors. The top-selling models from this company are available from 20HP to 50HP. Moreover, the manufacturer has other noted models, which have a higher horsepower. It has a large consumer base in India as well as on a global level.

The popularity of Mahindra Tractors is driven by its high performance and sustainability. The unique designs use innovative technology for added strength and superior mileage. Mini tractors from this organization come at a price ranging from INR 2.50 lakh to INR 4.90 lakh, while the fully-organized models are available at a cost from INR 5.50 lakh to INR 12.50 lakh.

Once you decide on the model that best suits your requirements, you may check tractor loans online. Several lenders offer such finance with beneficial features for a wide range of tractors. The entire procedure is quick and hassle-free.

A loan from lenders like Mahindra Finance provides you with flexible repayment options at affordable tractor loan interest rates. Additionally, you do not have to mortgage your land to get the funding.

Apply for a loan and improve your productivity today.

Aaron Healy