What is the Function of Brake Pads? A Guide on the Best Braking Kits You Must Try! 

 What is the Function of Brake Pads? A Guide on the Best Braking Kits You Must Try! 

Brake pads play a huge role in bringing a vehicle to a stop. They are present inside the brake caliper that’s clamped at the front of the rotor. The rotor, which moves with the wheels, starts slowing down when the brake pedals are pushed. It happens because the brake fluid exerts pressure on the brake pads. Those brake pads, then, exert pressure on the outside surface of the caliper that creates friction against the motion of the rotor. It means the caliper moves against the motion of the rotor. As a result, the rotor slows down and so do the wheels. 

To put it simply, without decent brake pads, every vehicle is at risk, and not just at the risk of accidents, but much more that we have listed below. 

  1. Worn-out or cheap-quality brake pads are unable to dissipate the heat that’s produced as a result of friction against the rotor. It reduces the life of both the wheels and the rotor.
  2. Cheap brake pads can easily corrode. The entire inside surface of the calipers gets compromised and the performance of the vehicle reduces. 

That being said, there are certain signs that vehicles emit, indicating that the brake pads require replacement. Those signs are as follows. 

  1. The brake judders while driving. 
  2. The wheels emit a loud shrieking noise every time they come to a stop. 
  3. The vehicle gets heated up again and again. 
  4. The ride is jerky and bumpy even on smooth roads.

So, never ignore these signs and replace the existing brake pads with new ones immediately. Some of the best brake pads like the auto front disc brake conversion kit come as a part of the entire braking kits by DBC. We have listed 2 such amazing kits that you must have a look at.

Black XD Brake Kit

The rotors in this brake kit are made with the help of the Carbon-fiber Ceramic Formula and are electroplated. Hence, they are resistant to rust. The brake calipers are designed with the help of a high-carbon metallurgy technique. This is done for sound dampening so that the vehicle doesn’t emit a shrieking sound when the brakes are pressed. The brake pads inside the caliper are temperature sensitive. They dissipate the heat and are also speed-sensitive. They’re made extremely tough so that they have a long life. 

G3000 Brake Kit

The rotor has a double disc design that offers great fitting and reduces pedal pulsation to a very large extent. The brake pads are semi-metallic. They are designed to stay cool by dissipating heat. They also reduce dust formation around the wheels and rotors with the help of stable friction performance. It increases the life of the rotor and the wheels. 

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