All About Long Term Car Leasing: The 3 Things Clients Should Consider 

Car leasing in Singapore can be the best option for some people who need a means of transportation. There are many types of clients, such as those relocating to a new area. Also, they are not keen on investing in a new vehicle. On the other hand, someone might want to try a particular model before purchasing them from a dealer. In short, these people find it better to lease a car than to undertake the responsibilities and obligations of owning one.

Let us explore what clients need to consider before signing an agreement or deciding on a plan. It will help everyone know whether leasing is for them!


The duration is one of the crucial factors to consider because it determines which car leasing plan works for your lifestyle. Suppose a person wants to purchase a new vehicle but is unsure of their situation. Your goal is to ask yourself or know how long you want to lease the car. In this case, consider the duration you can comply with the responsibilities or when you want to invest in something you can call your own. Why? You need this information before signing the contract, such as a 6-month rental or up to a few years.


One cannot walk away from a long term car leasing program in Singapore because the company has set a few terms & conditions or something that binds you with them. There are consequences, such as incurring penalty fees, failing to get your security deposit refund, and other things you might not like. In short, think before going into a leasing plan and assess whether you can commit to it. (Tip: Consider going for a short-term contract and ask whether an extension might be possible if the need arises.)


If you are someone who cannot comply with your limitations as a driver or want to modify the vehicle for aesthetic purposes, consider those things before signing a long term car rental plan in Singapore. Why? The company might not allow these things, and if they do not suit your lifestyle, this route is not suitable for you. Check the conditions before finalising the agreement, or look for a company that aligns with your preferences.

Car leasing should be smooth and hassle-free. If you wish to experience a service that works for you, visit Hertz Singapore, and check their offers!

Donny Devils