How To Choose The Right Car Wash Soap For Your Vehicle

 How To Choose The Right Car Wash Soap For Your Vehicle

Purchasing car wash soap can be such a frustrating experience. There are multiple brands of car wash soaps promising the shiniest and cleanest results when used. To choose the right soap, there are various factors you have to look into. Some of these factors to consider are;

  • Consider the soap’s PH level 

The PH concentration of the soap is one of the vital concerns when choosing a car wash soap. In the ceramic car wash world, you are always looking for ways to keep the ceramic coatings intact for an extended period of time. A balanced PH ensures cleaner results without affecting the finish.

However, you also don’t want to go for a lower PH car wash soap that will struggle to remove the bird droppings and other tough stains on the car. With a balanced PH soap, you get a cleaner car while also preserving the coating. You also don’t have to deal with a dull car body after the wash.

  • Go for waterless wash in-between washes 

It is not always possible to use water to clean your car. From time to time consider taking it to a waterless car wash, most so when it has minimal dirt and grime. The waterless wash helps keep your car in clean conditions in-between washes or when you don’t have the time to go for the full cleaning.

A waterless wash is also ideal when you live in areas that experience water challenges. You can also use it to help conserve water. The waterless wash helps save time and space flexibility as you can wash the car anywhere and at any time. It also needs a few tools and wash kits to accomplish and will end up saving you money in the long run.

  • Plenty of suds 

You need a soap that makes your work easier. As such, look for a soap that comes with plenty of suds to clean the car. Plenty of suds helps suspend the sponge you use when cleaning from direct contact with the car surface. As such it can keep your Nexgen ceramic spray intact for longer.

A soap with plenty of suds gets foamed quickly and stays foamy for an extended period. You can then spend the rest of the washing time concentrating on removing dirt or grease without having to use lots of soap.

  • Avoid car wash soaps with promises that are too good to be true 

The competition among car wash soaps is quite stiff. Some companies will look to edge the competition by giving outrageous promises. You end up being quite disappointed after using the soap only to realize the results are not anything as promised.

There are various car wash cleaning needs. Stay cautious of a product that promises to handle multiple of these needs. Such products might have an unusual composition that will give you short-term results and long-term issues as it messes up the ceramic coating. Look for information like Shine Armor reviews before choosing the car wash soap and ceramic coating.

Choosing the right car wash is one of the basics of how to wash your car after ceramic loading. Look for a soap with balanced PH and plenty of suds. You can also consider waterless washing and avoid products that promise more than they can deliver.

Danny White