Clare Louise

4 Wedding Car Rental Tips For Singapore Soon-To-Be-Weds

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and effort. You and your partner have to prepare countless things for your marriage ceremony—including the luxury car rental you will get in Singapore. While you can choose other modes of transportation to arrive at your wedding, a bridal car is an expected component of most ceremonies […]Read More

How To Make Your Window Tint Last?

Car owners want to keep their vehicles in optimal condition.Hence, many vehicle owners give the best treatment to their cars by conducting routine care, maintenance, and repairs. Meanwhile, others see the benefit of car modifications in improving their vehicle’s performance and ensuring its protection. There are various car modifications that owners can do on their […]Read More

Tips to while riding a bike on the streets

Bike riding is an increasingly popular way to get from place to place. You all experience anxiety while riding a motorcycle on the streets due to various reasons. Usually, you come across a variety of people who will confuse you while you are driving on the roads, even though you are trying your best 2 […]Read More

How Tire Rotation Prevents Uneven Wear?

Like all other components, tires of a vehicle tend to wear off after a certain period of time and amount of usage. But since equal distribution of weight cannot be assured every time a car moves, the tires of a particular side, that are more burdened than the others can wear off earlier than the […]Read More

How Mazda Makes Routine Auto Servicing a Breeze

Whether it is your family car or a business vehicle, which is in requirement of its scheduled servicing, trusting an authorized service center from a reputed automaker like Mazda will help you in every way. Not only they will lift up the drudgery of maintaining the vehicle from your shoulders, but also take all the […]Read More

Latest Changes Observed in the Industry of Auto Repair

Last few years in the industry of automobile have witnessed a sea change in each of its sections, like the mechanisms, the safety features, connectivity, and sales procedure. In the list there should also be the mention of the auto repair which too has evolved with some significant changes that occurred because of the technological […]Read More

A Shopping Guide for the 2020 Mazda 3 Buyers   

Few things in life can be as exciting as car buying. The hunt for models, the showroom and website hopping, virtual and real trials, and test drives, all bring with them their own tastes and thrills. Assuming that you have already found the model of your choice, and that too the most popular model like […]Read More