Party bus hiring: a new trend among youngsters these days in Oakville

 Party bus hiring: a new trend among youngsters these days in Oakville

Forget the definition of a traditional bus that always slows down, is crowded, and only serves for transportation. Here, the definition can turn into a traveling nightclub full of lights and neon and be an option for a different party, a bus party. The option to celebrate on the Oakville Party Bus is suitable for all occasions – from pre-teen parties to bachelor parties and corporate events. There are various types of party bus, depending on your requirements. In general, a party bus has the capacity to accommodate up to 30 guests and the service includes DJ and butler. However, you can hire according to the number of party guests, for example, a party bus that can accommodate up to 40-45people.

The charges are nominal

The service is charged by the hour and the amount depends on the day of the week on which the party will take place. If the event is scheduled between Monday and Thursday, the cost is reasonable. The charges also depend on the routes, occasions and facilities. Often, customers get a discount: if the customer hires a three-hour party, the next hour is complimentary. For parties scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday the hour costs much higher. The customer who hires four hours on the weekend gets an extra hour of courtesy (depends on the rental company). The value of the service does not include alcoholic beverages or food, but water and soft drinks are complimentary. The contractor can order the alcoholic beverage from the Bus Party itself or bring it. The company does not offer snacks, which are up to whoever hires the party bus.

Why party bus is better?

Collective riding can be considered a popular habit. But the trendy bus parties are luxurious and private, as well as fun. The idea is widespread in countries in Europe and North America. The vehicle is usually similar to those used to go to work from Monday to Friday, but with a much more interesting interior and destination. Some armchairs are removed to make room for tables, chairs and bar. The festive transport is thus transformed into a nightclub, with sound equipment and colored lights and windows properly protected by a dark filter. The company that makes bus parties in Oakville already celebrates the success. The bus is of the executive type and is charged reasonable per hour on weekends. Ask if there are any minimum and maximum hours of contract. A luxury party bus includes a dance floor, smoke, buffets, DJ and waitress.

What more to know?

You can easily choose a party bus with a capacity for up to 40 guests. It is a great attraction for entertainment in the Oakville, promoting private parties, where the customer chooses drinks, music, route, stop for photos and the place where the celebration begins and ends. The differential is in the promotion of unique experiences, creating personalized parties. You can hire a party busy for celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, bachelor parties, graduations, happy hours, transfers, business parties, promotional actions, etc. If you are looking to surprise your guests, Oakville Party Bus is perfect for all types of events.

Aaron Healy