Transportation of Vehicle If You Are in Military

 Transportation of Vehicle If You Are in Military

If you are used to living a military life, you may be familiar with PCS or OCONUS. On receiving such orders, you must consult relocation and transportation centers to make your move a success.

You need to free your mind from this burden of transportation of vehicles and focus on other things like collecting your items and tracking expenses. To do this you need to find a good shipper.

For the military members vehicle transport, SAC is the best service provider for them. Usually, the members of the military prefer shipping their vehicles instead of driving them on their own. SAC drivers will follow the directions and guidelines provided by you and will ensure that the ATV is transported to its target location safely.

How to ship a car belonging to a military family?

  • Type of shipment

If you need to transport the vehicle from state to state, then you can contact an auto transport company that can aid you in shipping. But if the vehicle needs to be transported out of the state then you can take help from a local transportation office. It will aid you in shipping your ATV with an authorized carrier. The payment for the same will be done by the government.

  • Transportation of a second vehicle

In case you don’t feel the need to ship the second vehicle then you can simply transport your main ATV and buy a beater car at your destination location. Possession of the second vehicle increases your issues of taxes, fuel, insurance, and more payment for registration. You can even make a payout of pocket for the transportation of your second ATV.

  • Know the cost of shipping

The cost of your shipping depends on the type of vehicle you possess and in which condition it is. The size of the ATV also matters. The type of target location also adds to the difficulties of transportation. So more the location is remote, more are the charges. Make sure you list out all the expenses.

  • Collect documents

You should have all the important documents with you. You should have two sets of keys to your vehicle. You should be able to provide the original registration papers and must have a photo ID.

A consignee form given by your shipper should be with you. It requires your name, contact number, address, and the details of the receiver who will collect your ATV. Apart from this, if you need to transport goods carrying items like batteries you need to mention them.

  • Additional baggage

If you using a solo use cargo container, then you can bring in extra bags. There are no extra charges for the items stuffed in the domestic military car. The weight of items should not be more than 100 pounds. You should remove any kind of valuable items from the box.


By keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind you can ensure the safe delivery of your vehicles. A good shipping service provider will always be available for your queries and doubts.

Danny White