Best Uses Of Breathable Waterproof Materials

 Best Uses Of Breathable Waterproof Materials


 Breathable waterproof materials are mostly used in the clothing industry. The usage of breathable waterproof materials is not limited to sports wears or casual wear. It is used for furniture covers, umbrellas and others. Waterproof breathable fabrics are designed to protect you from the elements. What if you do not have any waterproof materials? Waterproofing for fabrics is an alternative to protect yourself from the rain or snow. It has the added advantage of protecting your fabrics from stains and dirt and has no effect on the breathability of the fabric. What this means is that waterproofing fabrics allows you to rock your cotton, silk, and any other fabric with confidence because you are protected.

Here are some of the best use of breathable waterproof fabrics

Outdoor Clothing

Breathable waterproof fabrics are designed primarily to prevent wind, rain and snow from penetrating the fabric nor the moisture from your body escape. They help regulate the body temperature, keeping you warm and dry. These fabrics are best for outdoor activity such as hiking or taking a walk in the cold, or wet conditions. They include breathable waterproof jackets, pants, hats and shoes, as well as used for military protective clothing.

Outdoor Gear

These fabrics are used for outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bag covers, umbrellas and backpacks. Imagine a tent that doesn’t keep the moisture out or is not breathable. You wouldn’t be able to keep dry or warm. Breathable waterproof backpacks will keep your devices, and other gear dry. Military and private vessels use breathable waterproof gear to delay hypothermia in case of an emergency.

Medical Instrument

These fabrics are also used for surgical clothes, hospital beds and stretchers, hospital drapes, wheelchair cushions and wound dressings. 


Breathable waterproof fabrics are quite popular with sportswear brands. The comfort of sportsmen is important as it directly impacts on their performance. Outdoor sports, especially in cold situations, rely on these fabrics to combine functionality, comfort and style.

Other Uses

Breathable waterproof fabrics are used for outdoor upholstery, roofs, fireman garments, car covers and cargo wraps, among other things.

There are so many industries that make use of breathable waterproof fabrics. Industries like transportation, construction, military and law enforcement, clothing and many others. These fabrics are functional and come in different styles by different brands. The fabrics combine comfort and style effortlessly. Waterproofing your fabric is also a great way to keep your fabrics protected from the dampness, stains, and dirt without having to worry about compromising its breathability. 


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