SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard

 SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard


Designed with the safety of your engine and other parts in mind, the SW-Motech KTM 790TM Adventure Engine Guard provides a stylish and robust look to your motorcycle. The motorcycle engine guard is made from 4 mm thick aluminum alloy to provide extra protection while allowing for a customized look. This guard is available in two sizes to accommodate a variety of engine configurations.

You might need to buy an additional motorcycle bash platesand two side plates for engine case protector kits to complete the enclosure. The motor protection is superior to any motorcycle bash plate setup. It makes your bike look amazing while protecting the ignition and water pump.

The new crash bars and Engine Guard from SW-Motech offer additional protection for the KTM 790 Adventure and KTM 990 Enduro. The crash bars are made of black steel tubing securely attached to the bike’s frame with sturdy mounting plates.

Additionally, the KTM 790 Adventure has a low-slung fuel tank that reduces the center of gravity and provides greater mobility on off-road rides. The fuel tank holds 5.3 gallons of gas, which means you’ll be able to get up to 280 miles (450 km) on one fill. The lightweight, durable, and comfortable 790 Adventure is also equipped with replaceable polymer body panels for maximum weight-draining comfort. The seat also features an anti-slip surface coating for added comfort.

Off-Road Capability

The SW-Motech KTM 790 adventure motorcycle has excellent off-road capability, courtesy of the low-slung fuel tank. Its 5.3-gallon (20-liter) fuel tank enables off-road riding without compromising mobility. KTM uses high-quality polymer body panels to keep the weight down. The lowered seat height makes getting up and going easier when riding on rough terrain.

In addition, adventure engine guard is a robust piece of protective gear for the engine of this motorcycle. Its four-mm thick aluminum sheet and high-grade aluminum alloy construction shield the engine from debris and other damages. It is designed for off-road use and offers more protection and a customized look for your bike. Its streamlined design fits seamlessly with the lines of the motorcycle while still providing optimal cornering clearance.

To know more information, here is an infographic from Motorrad Garage. Visit their website to learn more about their services. 

Paul Petersen